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Terms & Conditions

  • The client needs to provide the Right birth of Time, Date and place for Consultation.

  • Answers like "When I will die?" or "Can I kill someone?" or any question related to illegal activities will not be answered.

  • Pratul Vishera reserved all the rights to refuse anyone consultation with an explanation or without any explanations.

  • Pratul Vishera doesn't provide any services related to Black Magic or "Get your love back" kind of services.

  • The client has to take medical help and follow medical guidelines provided by their Doctors in case of Medical Problems.

  • Clients are advised to give updates on their issues after the consultation.

  • Clients agree not to defame or file any legal case against Pratul Vishera for his services

  • Clients agree to understand that whatever advice given by Pratul Vishera during the Consultation is only for guiding purposes, clients should take it as guidance only not as hardcore predictions and they should keep in mind predictions can go wrong also.

Privacy  Policy 

  • We are highly strict about the privacy of Birth Details of our Clients and we store them in our databases which is encrypted and guarded by passwords.

  • We never share the birth details of our clients with anyone.

  • We do share charts without birth details between close group of our trusted students for study pupose only, in that case clients also keep getting more update about their charts and they can recieve free in-depth report on their charts from my any student. If you are not comfortable then you are free to mention it during consultation, we will not save your details.

  • Any person/student who buy anything from the course section are bound to keep the course with themselves only, sharing the classes in any written, verbal or audio or video form or even on social media without the consent of Pratul Vishera will lead to penalty on that person and legal case.

Refunds & Cancellation

  • There are no Refunds & Cancellation for Consultations & Courses after the Consultation/Reading or Course has been provided to you. I put lot of efforts to the course and consultation, so it would be hard for us to give you any refunds.

  • In case, you have provided the wrong info to Pratul Vishera annd Consultation has been provided to you then there would be no refunds in that case.

  • If you find you have provided the wrong info to Pratul Vishera then you can tell him about this before starting the session.

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