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  • Do you give Remedies in Consultation like Gemstones?
    I don't suggest Gemstones to anyone, i just suggest some other inexpensive Remedies which includes some lifestyle changes and some poojas in some cases. Remedies are included in the Consultation.
  • I don't have correct birth time, should i take consultation?"
    - If you are birth time is off upto 9 to 10 minutes then i can rectify it in the consultation itself. - If it is off more than 10 minutes then you need to take the service of "Birth Time Rectification" in the Consultation Section. - If you are not sure about your time then please talk to me on the mail NOTE - A 2 Minute difference can bring a signifcant changes in the predictions and it can affect the quality of Consultation. So kindly make sure you have correct birth time.
  • Is there any gurantee of your predictions?
    I am no GOD in myself who can give you 100% gurantee because Predictions are quite dependent on many factors. For Example, If you want to clear some Competitive Exams but you are not doing hard work in the suggested time period with remedies or even try to find out some shortcut in remedies then it will be hard that you will clear your exams. Always remember, Success comes with a combination of Luck & Hard Work only not from one. But as far as you can see my predictions in the above section, you can see the accuracy level and i think its quite good relative to others.
  • Is there any limit on the Question & Time of Consultation?
    I can't read the chart by looking over the clock. So my consultation doesn't have any limits of time and question in Consultations (Not-included Mini Consultation).
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