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Career Consultation

  • 1 hour
  • 3,599 Indian rupees
  • Online Session

Service Description

They say a man is born with his destiny written on the stars. He becomes what is predestined for him. But we all know, having a map saves us from a bumpy ride. Likewise, a consultation from an able astrologer gives a direction to our lives. It saves our time and energy. The clock is ticking, and we have limited time in our hands. Why waste these precious moments in futile searches when we can chalk out our journey. Living life to its fullest is the true meaning of life. And in contemporary times, career is becoming an integral part of our lives. A genuine career consultation can make you prosper in leaps and bounds in your life. Pratul Vishera is one of those astrologers who blends traditional astrology techniques with advanced calculating software to reach the root cause of the problem. What is a career consultation? The career consultation aims to help you strategically synergise your interests with the rising pattern of stars on your chart to optimise the opportunities in your life. It also helps to discover your true potential and hone your natural skills. Who can avail of t? Right from students looking to pick a path to seasoned professionals who are not happy with their roles/jobs. Even if you are contemplating to switch your job or start afresh as an entrepreneur, you can consult an astrologer if the stars are aligned with your plans or not A career consultation can aid you in a rough patch in your career too. Office politics, a pressing boss, or toxic colleagues are manifestations of karmic backlogs. You can find a way to navigate through these hurdles with the prescribed remedies. What can you ask? We all work to earn. So, any question regarding your assets, wealth, and finance will be answered. Queries regarding your raises, appraisals will be answered. You'll be informed about the sectors or fields that will be favourable for you. Your overall career growth will be mapped too. How can it help? Just like a doctor prescribes medicines, an astrologer prescribes remedies. My remedies are pragmatic and inexpensive. My treatments are focused on lifestyle changes and mindset evolution. In a few cases, Pooja is prescribed.

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