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Beej Prashna

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

“Beej Prashna” - Horary/Prashna is a secret technique originated in Kerala Tradition of Astrology, is easy to use and highly accurate.

Recently, I met a few people, who had this strong opinion that, this technique couldn't be considered a form of astrology. Their view was undoubtedly fallacious, because they had a shallow understanding of the subject and argued that only planets and heavenly bodies can be objects of astrology. Anyways, there is a saying

There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.

The technique called Beej Prashna seeks genesis from Swaruday Shashtra of Kerala. Here, Swar means Sound and Uday means Rising which is connected with the Rising Ascendant. So it has multiple uses, you can make a prashna (Horary Chart) by listening to the first word of the seeker and can analyse what will be the results with help of Swaruday Shashtra. Although Swaruday Shashtra is a whole subject in itself, so we shall discuss peripheral ways and means stemming from it, some other time. So Beej Prashna is natively written in this form show in first table.

Shastra says that you need to ask the seeker to put a flower on one of the boxes in this table. Astrologer needs to notice the letter written in it, and see the respective results. Although this table is used also in many multiple ways but here we shall discuss the pattern which is easy to execute and doesnt involve translation of languages. But as you can see these are Hindi words and can not be understood by people from different geographical zones. So i have converted this table into numeric table which is understandable for everyone. As result of Prashna is dependent upon the box chosen by the seeker not on something else. So we can replace letters with the numbers for our own ease of understanding.

So now, you can ask your client to choose one box out of this table (when you have option to show them, just dont show this table with highlighted colors) otherwise you can ask your client to choose a one number between 1 to 50 (make it sure they don’t choose their lucky numbers and lazy numbers) as they need to be serious while giving the number. So as you can see number highlighted with Green shows “Success” which is positive answer for any query of the Querist, number highlighted with Red shows “Failure” and numbers highlighted with Lavender Color shows even Death if the question is related with Health, thus they are Highly Malefic. For Example lets take most famous question, if someone asks you “I had my breakup with my partner, will he come back?” You ask them a number between 1 to 50 and seeker give you number 24, then you will say that “No, your partner will not come back.”

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