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Does Eclipses really affect you?

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

How does Eclipses Affect you? Eclipses happen at least 2 times in an year, so it won’t affect everyone every time, they are like transits and people need to understand transits don’t affect everyone every time, Only few people who are running under Bad Dasha actually get affected with this. So how you should judge?

Although there are many ways to see the Eclipses but here are mainly two ways to look at it, From Nakshatra Level and from Rashi Level.

If Eclipse is happening in your

Moon Sign & Ascendant Sign - it can lead to your health issues

Natal Jupiter Sign - It can affect your peace and harmony in home.

Natal Venus Sign - then it can affect your Relationships.

Natal Mercury Sign - Your studies and issues with Colleagues

Natal Sun Sign - Issues with your bosses and health issues of your father.

Natal Saturn Sign - It can give you issues regarding your profession

Natal Mars Sign - it is not good for your siblings.

Any kind of Mantra Chanting and Spiritual Remedies will be best to avoid results of Eclipses.

For example, Solar Eclipse is happening in sign of Libra this time, you have Mars in Libra sign in your Natal Chart then it won’t be good for your Siblings and it can also give you problem regarding Mars.

Also remember that results of Eclipses only Visible in your life if you are running under Bad Dasha, if it is good then you won’t feel much changes in your life.

If Eclipse is happening in that Sign in which no planet is sitting then it won’t affect you much, you don’t need to worry.

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Roohi Fatima
Roohi Fatima
Oct 24, 2022

Thanks sir much needed


Thank you sir 😊

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