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Pancha Chakra Prashna (Five Circle Horary Technique)

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

This is a very rare Prashna (Horary) System from Kerala, one of the southern state of India.The novelty of this ancient system is in it's simplicity and precision. Allow me to share this age-old technique with you. The beauty of this system is, it can be used without having any prior knowledge of Astrology, while it's accuracy speaks for itself. For this system you will need a chart with two rows.

To begin, you ask your querent to take the name of their god or whomsoever they believe in, and then ask them to choose one number from the first row (10,20,30,40,50) and then again ask them to choose another number from second row (1,2,3,4,5) Add the chosen numbers from both rows and if the sum of the chosen number from both rows is:-

  • 11 - Successful Results are there but there can be a change of place (Wherever it is applicable).

  • 12 - They will require some remedy like Homa, Hawan, Candles, or any kind of religious worship. The work will happen with the aid of remedial blessings only.

  • 13 - Not successful.

  • 14 - Very successful results.

  • 15 - Very successful results.

  • 21 - There are some confusion going on or the work will happen. But take some time to clear out the confusions as only then the work CAN be done.

  • 22 - The querent will achieve this work by their own hardwork and there will be lot of obstacles, but they will clear it in the end.

  • 23 - Not successful.

  • 24 - Very successful.

  • 25 - You will get success but you don't have to trust anyone else.

  • 31 - Very successful.

  • 32 - this particular thing will not work, but you will get some other opportunities or success in some other trial or thing.

  • 33 - Not successful.

  • 34 - Very successful.

  • 35 - This time it will not work, multiple trials are needed to get it done.

  • 41 - Very successful.

  • 42 - The querent will get success but shouldn't trust anyone else.

  • 43 - Very successful.

  • 44 - The person in question will get their success.

  • 45 - Few chances are there to get success.

  • 51 - Very successful.

  • 52 - Very successful.

  • 53 - Very successful.

  • 54 - The querent needs to wait for some time and then do it because right not there are too many hurdles.

  • 55 - Very successful.

For example: If someone asks you, " I want to give interview wether I will clear or not?" And if they choose 30 from the first row and 5 from the second row, then the total figure is 30 + 5 = 35. Then you will answer them," While you might not be to clear this interview but you will clear upcoming interviews."

Created by : Pratul Vishera Refined by : Arundhuti Chakraborty

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Roohi Fatima
Roohi Fatima
25 сент. 2022 г.

His all blogs unique when I'm confused i need some answers i visit blogs time to time and enjoy the answer

Long life for sir ♡


Roohi Fatima
Roohi Fatima
02 июн. 2022 г.

Wow that's really cool and fun technique


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